Why We Are Here

Having watched several family members and friends be sick, have surgeries or care for them at the end of their life, Hannah Johnson experienced and understood the frustrations and fears of being in need of medical equipment but not knowing how to obtain them or where to go.

Several times insurance companies have vetoed doctors’ orders or required prescriptions from doctors when they are hard to get a hold of or unavailable completely leaving individuals without the equipment they need. Many times, the equipment isn't covered by insurance either because of the company determining it’s not really needed or because of high deductibles.

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That is why ReRun Medical Equipment exists. Many in Oklahoma are in need of medical equipment while others literally have it laying around their house, garage, or shed collecting dust. Our mission is to get the equipment into the hands of people that need it. There is no need for prescriptions, doctors’ orders or insurance. We are a resource for you and your loved ones for the medical equipment needed when it matters most with no strings attached.

Why Donate to ReRun Medical?

As healthcare and insurance costs continue to rise across Oklahoma, many residents are unable to get access to the medical equipment recommended by their physician due to cost factors or their designated coverage option. With your support, ReRun Medical can lend your unused medical equipment to Oklahoman’s in need to help make a positive impact in the community and state. Ready to make a difference? Visit our donor page to get started!

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