Donate Equipment

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While ReRun Medical Equipment is happy to accept any usable medical equipment that you may have, we ask that all donors call before bringing in equipment to ensure that it is provided to others by our organization. Upon donation, you will receive an equipment donation receipt that can be claimed as tax-deductible. While we make every effort to verify the current market value of equipment that is donated, individual donors are responsible for providing this estimate at the time of donation.

As a 501c3 organization, ReRun Medical Equipment is solely reliant on the generous donations of individuals just like you in order to function. If you have medical equipment that is collecting dust or you are no longer using, we would love to take it off your hands. Even the smallest medical equipment can make an enormous impact on the life of another Oklahoman in need that may not be able to obtain or afford it. These people in need are the reason that ReRun Medical Equipment was created and continues to exist. Please submit a contact request or call us to begin the donation process.

Once you have donated medical equipment, you may also feel an urge to volunteer your time or expertise to help support ReRun Medical Equipment . While we don’t require donors to assist us in this capacity, we are always looking for volunteers to help fulfill our mission. To learn more about the ways you can volunteer with ReRun Medical Equipment or learn more about what services we provide, please visit our volunteer page for more information. We hope you will continue to support our goal of getting the necessary medical equipment in the hands of Oklahomans that need it.

Why Volunteer at ReRun Medical Equipment?

As healthcare and insurance costs continue to rise across Oklahoma, many residents are unable to get access to the medical equipment recommended by their physician due to cost factors or their designated coverage option. With your support, ReRun Medical Equipment can lend your unused medical equipment to Oklahoman’s in need to help make a positive impact in the community and state. Ready to help further? Visit our volunteer page to get started!

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