Community leaders that saw the need for expensive medical equipment to treat a variety of medical issues and the lack of necessary resources for individuals that may not have the funds necessary to obtain them founded ReRun Medical Equipment as a unique program to “recycle” unused medical equipment. ReRun Medical Equipment accepts unused medical equipment (as donations) that people have lying around.

In many cases, this equipment is typically obtained from distinct sources:

A Passed Loved One

A Past Injury

Inherited From Others

Once donated medical equipment is received, it is inspected for quality and effectiveness. The equipment is then lent out to those who cannot afford to purchase new medical equipment. There is no required "rent" for these items and the recipients can keep them for as long as need. All that is asked it that once done with the equipment the lendee returns it to Rerun Medical Equipment so that it can be reloaned.

Rerun Medical Equipment is funded by donations; there is a suggested donation amount for each piece of equipment (based on its value) but a donation is not required. Most donations come from individuals and businesses that simply want to help the cause. Rerun Medical Equipment is a 501c3 so all donations are tax-deductible. Without the support of our donators and benefactors, we would not be able to provide this much-needed source to the residents of Oklahoma.

We hope you will support us in our mission to provide donated medical equipment to your neighbors in need, the children of Oklahoma or those that may be entering hospice care. Even with insurance many of these products or devices can be incredibly expensive and will often collect dust once they are no longer needed. With your donation, we can put this medical equipment in the hands of Oklahomans that need it but may not have insurance or may not qualify for assistance.

Why Donate to ReRun Medical Equipment?

As healthcare and insurance costs continue to rise across Oklahoma, many residents are unable to get access to the medical equipment recommended by their physician due to cost factors or their designated coverage option. With your support, ReRun Medical Equipment can lend your unused medical equipment to Oklahoman’s in need to help make a positive impact in the community and state. Ready to make a difference? Visit our donor page to get started!