Affordable Medical Equipment for Men & Women


As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, more men and women that are facing medical issues or conditions are finding themselves facing steep purchasing fees for medical equipment their physicians are requiring them to use. While you might imagine that insurance would cover a good portion of these items, the costs are still exorbitant in relation to the value they would be without insurance. At ReRun Medical, we have made it our mission to make medical equipment more affordable for the men and women of Oklahoma. 

Once medical equipment is donated to ReRun Medical, we quickly work to inventory that item and make it available to an individual in need, While we don’t run any insurance information, we work to make the process affordable by asking for a donation once the equipment is leased. Once you have the device or equipment in your possession, you can keep it as long as needed. All that we ask is that you return the items when they are no longer needed so we can get them to other individuals that may be in need.

ReRun Medical strives to provide all needed medical equipment while keeping the associated costs as affordable as possible for individuals that are searching for them. This may include CPAP equipment, hearing aids, oxygen equipment, wheelchairs, hospice beds and much more. However, the only way we are able to obtain this medical equipment is through the generous donations of other Oklahomans. Because ReRun Medical is a 501c3 non-profit, all donations are tax-deductible at their current market value. If you want to help ReRun Medical make a difference in Oklahoma, please consider learning more about us or starting your donation.

Why Donate to ReRun Medical?

As healthcare and insurance costs continue to rise across Oklahoma, many residents are unable to get access to the medical equipment recommended by their physician due to cost factors or their designated coverage option. With your support, ReRun Medical can lend your unused medical equipment to Oklahoman’s in need to help make a positive impact in the community and state.

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If you would like to make a contribution to ReRun Medical Equipment, you can donate online. Both one-time and recurring contributions are available. We greatly appreciate the support we receive from our donors.